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Jerome Hamilton, CEO of Open Therapeutics, leads the company's scale and global expansion, as well as manages business development, sales, marketing, and investor relations. As Senior Advisor at V2Soft, Inc., he advises the President & CEO on various initiatives including a comprehensive analysis of global operations.

He joined Open TherapeuticsTM after serving as Stratasys’ Senior Vice President of Global Operations. Prior to that he was Vice President of LEAN Six Sigma Operations, Corporate Quality and Acquisition Integration for 3M. There, he played a major role in devising strategy and operational plans for the company’s largest division, Industrial Business Group. He also led the company’s Masking and Surface Protection Business with full P&L responsibility.

Hamilton received his Bachelor of General Science from Morehouse College, his B.S. in Industrial Engineering from Georgia Tech, M.S. in Engineering Management from University of Detroit, Mercy; and M.S. for International Logistics from Georgia Tech; he is a graduate of the Advanced Management Program, Harvard Business School.

Hamilton is a member of the Boards of Directors of Goodwill Easter Seals Minnesota, Real Life 101, and V2Soft, Inc. He was listed in the 2014 Savoy Magazine list of Most Influential Blacks in Corporate America and was recognized as one of the Top 50 diversity professionals in industry – Global Diversity List, supported by The Economist (

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Jerome Hamilton | V2Soft (2024)


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