Mike Jerome Putnam (2024)

Born Michael Jerome Putnam (aka Jerome Hamilton) he was placed in foster care and adopted at age 3. He has been credited under both names. He is best known as the Emmy award-winning bailiff on Lauren Lake’s Paternity Court.

After serving and retiring as a Sheriff's Deputy in Oregon, at age 50 in May 2010, Hamilton decided to become a serious full-time actor and model, He landed his first modeling gig for a Luis Vuitton charity event. The experience left a lasting impression on Hamilton, who has since landed roles on ABC's Body of Proof; CBS' Mike & Molly and Two Broke Girls; and who even has screen time in the Denzel Washington/Ryan Reynolds flick, Safe House. He has appeared in many more movies, television shows and commercials.

He has also been in over 100 music videos working with pretty much every major rock, hip hop, rap, country music star or musical group. He usually playing a police officer. In 2013, he became the court bailiff on the nationally syndicated, unscripted 2-time Emmy-nominated court TV show Lauren Lake's Paternity Court.

Mike Jerome Putnam (2024)


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